Welcome to the STEAM Race Car Challenge hosted by 彩色直播, Kid Scoop News and Friedman's Home Improvement! We invite you to read, explore and learn about STEAM lessons related to racing. We created this Family Guide?to pilot your learning and engage students in a remote-learning setting. Printable PDFs are available below, both as a complete guide or lesson-by-lesson.

Complete Family Guide (complete packet)

Lesson 1: Gravity PowerLesson 2: Friction?Lesson 3: Aerodynamics Lesson 4: As The Axle Turns? Lesson 5: Drafting Lesson 6: Friction and Tire Pressure?Lesson 7: Race Track Math Lesson 8: Make Your Own Gravity Car

When you have completed the lessons and built your gravity-powered car, come back and submit your creation below. You could be featured on the next edition of the 彩色直播 Kids Club newsletter!

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